We sleep in a living room and more stories

Our cost of living is pretty low since we live with Leighs family, specifically we have the living room. The things we own are mostly secondhand or free with a few “major purchases” like our TV and her laptop. Here is what we have

2 cellphones (initial cost- 250. monthly cost- 120)

1 tv (initial cost 400)

2 laptops (initial cost 350 & free)

2 desktops (initial cost 900 & free)

2 gaming consoles (initial cost free & 300, monthly cost 50 plus one year subscription at 50)

1 ipad (initial cost free, traded spare laptop)

2 tablets (initial cost 300 and free)

a very comfy futon (initial cost was free as a find by her mother on fb)

misc count of clothes, shoes, bedding, books and dvds.



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