The Story of Us

Flashback to 2006, senior year. Two kids in a different state meet and fall in love. Thats us. We were inseparable. Teachers joked they would be at our wedding. Life happened after high school. We broke up. Leigh went on to college, I went on to meet my sons mother and end up in prison. Fast forward to 2015, I contact Leigh on Facebook and we fall back in love. Together again, forever and always. But in those years we had built up debt, her student loans, my court fines, our credit cards, phone bills and other spending accounts. Now we are working together to move forward into our own space, pay back our friends and family that loaned us money, repay our creditors and live a successful life. At 26, it seems like this should be easy, but life is different for everyone.How are you managing? Did you start at day one and have a plan? Did you wake up in your 20s or 30s and decide you need to figure this out?