So, like many of you that may have wandered to this page, I was introduced to blogging. I am not a financial planner or CPA or anything like that. My fiancee is great with numbers, I have the gift of gab, I could talk all day and with a blog, I get to talk to all of you at your own convenience. You may be asking yourself “why am I here” and “who are you”.

My name is Brian and I am on a mission to generate income through blogging and online business to supplemental my odd jobs and my fiancees income so we can improve our lives. You may at this point be saying “well gosh Brian, how hard could that be?” Well I made some unfortunate mistakes in my short 20 something years on earth and i paid for them with 3 years in prison. Being in prison was an eye opener to the way I was living my life and I have new goals to ensure I never end up there again. I want to be able to provide for my soon to be wife, to eliminate our debt and one day own a home and support a family. Like many convicted felons of a nonsexual, murder free crime (in case you were curious), finding a job is tough but not impossible, here I want to explore the different jobs i have qualified for, those that didn’t discriminate due to my legal status and how those jobs taught me what i needed to keep going in life.

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